In the company of good friends

Portal Bar is the ideal place to meet old friends or make new acquaintances. We serve light meals, heavy-weight wines, cocktails and anything else you can think of in the way of drinks.

Once you have stepped over the threshold, it is easy to find yourself staying. Portal Bar is next door to the restaurant with its entrance on the other side of the portal. Enjoy the splendid atmosphere accentuated by the dark blue walls and artist Jesper Waldersten’s magnificent ceiling fresco. Our open kitchen prepares hors d’oeuvres served over the bar, while you choose from a wide range of Nordic craft beers, classic cocktails and a varied wine list. Pop in for a quick after-work beer, a drink to get the evening started or make yourself comfortable for the evening.

Bar menu

Start or round off your evening, take a break or spend the entire evening with us. Our open kitchen prepares hors d’oeuvres and light fare, served across the deep bar counter along with drinks. We have a wide range of Nordic craft beers, cocktails and a varied wine list, with ample alternatives by the glass. Our menu changes weekly according to the available seasonal ingredients.

Opening hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Thursday: 16.00 to late
Friday: 15.00 to late
Saturday: 17.00 to late
Sunday: Closed

Avvikande öppettider

23:e december: 16.00 to late
Christmas Eve: Closed
Christmas day: Closed
Boxing day: Closed
27:e december: 16.00 to late
28:e december: 16.00 to late
29:e december: 15.00 to late
30:e december: 16.00 to late
New Years Eve: Closed
New Years Day: Closed

"Stockholm is the national scene in Sweden for gastronomy. It is our task here to showcase the ingredients from all parts of Sweden on our plates"

- Klas Lindberg

Portal serves uncomplicated food made from excellent ingredients, with drinks that enhance the entire experience. Open six days a week.


Portal Restaurant
Sankt Eriksplan 1
113 20 Stockholm

08-30 11 01

Opening hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Saturday: 17.00-23.00
Sunday: Closed

Monday - Friday: Closed
Saturday: 17.00 to late
Sunday: Closed

Opening hours

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